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Welcome to an exciting school year on our grade 5 & 6 campus! In addition to 48 regular classes, we are thrilled to have on our campus six small classes through Inclusive Student Services (ISS) at the Durham District School Board. The principal of this campus is Bonnie Noble and the vice principal is Camille Prince. Both administrators are thrilled to be leading a team of over 70 amazing educators and over 1100 students. As we move through the school year our focus will be on the school board’s core priorities: success, well-being, leadership, equity, engagement and innovation.

Thanks for your partnership on this journey of learning!

Bonnie Noble - Principal

Camille Prince - Vice Principal

School Community Council (SCC)

Contact the DDSB@Home Grade 5-6 SCC

October 20th Minutes

SCC By-Laws November 2020

SCC Meeting Tuesday Presentation December 8

December 8th Minutes

SCC Meeting Tuesday Presentation February 4



SCC Meeting dates for the remainder of the year:


Jan 14th 6:30: Whole School meeting with all SCC elected and voting members

Feb 4th: Grade 5-6 Campus

March 25th 6:30: Whole School meeting with all SCC elected and voting members

April 22nd: Grade 5-6 Campus 

Principal: Bonnie Noble

Vice Principal: Camille Prince

Phone: 905-862-5509

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