Device Support

The following resources and FAQs is intended to support families with DDSB 1:1 and loaner Chromebooks. If you cannot find information you need below, start by initiating contact with the classroom teacher.

Find information regarding DDSB Chromebooks below in the student Chromebook guide and FAQs.

DDSB Student Chromebook 


How do I login to a Chromebook?

DDSB students will sign in using the same credentials they do at school (student number followed by and their password). If your child does not know their login information, please contact their teacher for help.

DDSB@Homestudents in grades JK-4 have had their passwords reset to a default. This default password format was sent to families via email. For more information about this default format, please contact your child's teacher. 

See the Access and Login Support page for more information. 

I need a device for my student
Student is in K-6 and requires a loaner Chromebook for DDSB@Home

If your child is in grades JK-6 and requires a loaner device for virtual learning, please contact the campus secretary who will enter a request on behalf of your child.  Depending on availability, a device will be provisioned for your child.  An email will be sent to the parent to book a time for curb-side pickup at the Education Centre.

Student is a returning student in Grade 7 and should get their 1:1 Chromebook

Grade 7 students in the DDSB are issued a Chromebook to use for as long as they are a student in the DDSB. You can arrange to collect your device from your child’s home school (the same one they attended last year unless you have moved) by doing the following:

1. Complete the Chromebook Program Informed Consent (CPIC), which is a part of the online verification process

2. Contact your child’s home school to arrange a time to collect the Chromebook

3. Return any device that was loaned to your child in the spring when you collect your new 1:1 Chromebook device.   

*Please note that your child’s new device can only be provided if the CPIC has been completed, and any devices loaned to your child in Gr. 7 have been returned


To complete the CPIC:

  1. Go to:
  2. Log in using your username and password. If you have not yet created a parent portal account, click the Create Account button to get started. Please note that you will require your child’s OEN and Access password to complete the new account set up. This would have been emailed to you on Monday August 17 if we had a valid email address on file.
  3. Once logged in, click on the “Returning Student Registration 2020-2021” button to get started.
  4. For help logging in or troubleshooting, email your campus secretary
Student is NEW to DDSB in Grade 7 or 8 and should get their 1:1 Chromebook

Grade 7 and 8 students in the DDSB are issued a Chromebook to use for as long as they are a student in the DDSB. To arrange a Chromebook:

1. Complete the Chromebook Program Informed Consent (CPIC), which is a part of the online registration verification process.

2. Contact the secretary of your campus and they will enter a catalogue request for a device to be provisioned for your child.  When the device is ready, the parent will receive an email to book a time for curb-side pickup at the Education Centre. 

I am having technical difficulties with my Chromebook...
The microphone or camera is not working on certain tools or sites

On some sites (such as Read and Write and WeVideo), users need to allow permission to use the microphone and/or camera. If students click "block" these tools won't work. Check that permissions have been granted in Chrome for the site experiencing issues.

If this doesn't work, contact your teacher to submit an Incident Report (help ticket) with IT Services.

I'm having issues with hardware (eg. touchscreen, keyboard, display)

Contact your teacher so they can submit an Incident Report (help ticket) with IT Services

I'm getting strange popups or notifications
This is often due to the student installing unapproved Google Chrome extensions or addons. Try removing unnecessary extensions from chrome and then restart your Chromebook to see if this solves issues being noticed.  Report to teacher if this continues to submit an Incident Report (help ticket) with IT Services. 
My Chromebook has stopped charging or I lost the charger
Lost or damaged chargers will need to be replaced at the expense of the family. Please contact your campus to order a replacement. For issues charging your device where no physical damage is present on the charger, please contact your child’s teacher and they can submit an incident ‘report an issue’ with IT Services.
I would like to plug my Chromebook into a wired network connection
DDSB Chromebooks do not have ethernet (wired network) ports. Plugging an external ethernet adaptor through USB has been disabled for security reasons on DDSB Chromebooks. Try moving closer to your home wifi access point or different locations in your house as Chromebooks only run off wireless connections. 
My DDSB Chromebook is asking me to "Unlock and Restore Local Data" after I enter my password

Chromebooks store small amounts of data locally in a user profile. This helps enable offline access to files if network connection is lost. These profiles are cleared regularly on shared devices and are password protected to each user. When a user has changed their DDSB password and signs into a Chromebook they have used in the past, they may be prompted for their old password to unlock this local data. If the user does not know their password, they can proceed without the local data, as all DDSB student data for Chromebooks is stored in the cloud. 

More information can be found here.